What is Pilates?
Pilates works on developing kinesthetic awareness of the body, or where it is in relationship to itself, and the world around it. It also focuses on good postural alignment which will help an individual perform a movement efficiently, thus reducing the amount of unnecessary strain on the muscles and joints,” explains Moira Merrithew, Executive Director of Education for STOTT PILATES®. “Specific strengthening exercises will also help to balance the muscles around a joint and balance pairs of muscles from one side of the body to the other.” Core body strength and increased joint flexibility are benefits of Pilates exercise.

Private / Semi-Private (bring a friend) Sessions

Buy a package of 5 private sessions for only $200.00
Buy a package of 5 semi-private sessions for only $125.00 /per person
(one time only purchase for new clients)

Each Pilates session is 1.15 hours with a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor.
  • Your first session includes an in-depth postural analysis and introduction to Pilates workout.
  • Your second session you will be presented with a personalized workout to meet the goals and needs of “your” body.
  • Sessions three through five you will have the opportunity to experience a workout utilizing different selections of Pilates equipment.
Golf / Running / Cycling / Skiing Pilates – The Secret Weapon to Performance
Improve your performance and prevent injuries with an athletic conditioning focus for your specific sport. Muscular balance, strength, flexibility and increased endurance will take you to the next level of performance. Use top of the line equipment to neuro-muscularly reprogram your muscles to support your every movement.

Breast Cancer Post-Op Rehabilitation Pilates
We are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive body image to all Breast Cancer Survivors. We will help you stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, allowing women to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery. This program is suitable whether your surgery was recent or several years ago and accommodates all fitness levels.

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